November 22, 2021 2 min read

When we think of holidays, like many, we think of meals with friends and loved ones. Food has always been a major part of celebrations through history. Here we have included some historic recipes from our friends at Mount Vernon, as well as some of the historic tools that will help when preparing these holiday treats!

1. Tavern Rum Punch:

Punch was a common part of 18th century parties and celebrations. This one is a heavy hitter with both rum and apple brandy. It is sure to be sweet with all of that cane sugar! Make this adaptation even closer to the original using our sugar cones. These are a brown boiled cane sugar that hold a lot of the earthy flavor and is made using the same processes for hundreds of years! We suggest the Darjeeling or the East Indian teas for the robust flavor. After all that work, pour yourself a drink in one of these stunning period wine glasses

2. Yorkshire Christmas Pie

Pies in the 18th century were often savory. This Yorkshire Christmas Pie was a  custom for the Washington's, and could quickly become tradition in your home, too! This hearty pie contains layers of meats and vegetables, and is brought to life with a variety of spices. We recommend using our Spice Kit to season with ease. The Redware Pie Plate makes baking and serving a breeze as an all-in-one functional and beautiful dish. (It is even microwave safe on the off chance you have leftovers.)

3. English Beef Soup:

The weather outside can be frightful, but warm soup is so delightful! Especially when it is a hearty one like this. Break out the big wooden spoon to mix up the blend of veggies and beef. After letting this sit for prime next-day flavors, serve it up in a porringer. That little handle comes in handy since you wont want to put it down.

4. Cauliflower in White Sauce

It is time for green bean casserole to move aside. Cauliflower is back! This adaptation from A New System of Domestic Cookery is sure to please even the most scrutinizing veggie critic. This quick recipe is perfect for preparing in a large pipkin, French or English! Serve it up in a stoneware mixing bowl for an easy to serve, easy to heat dish. 

5. Stewed Pears

While they are actually baked rather than stewed, these port soaked pears are a decadent after dinner fruit. A couple of fluted stoneware pie plates are perfect for baking and serving. These can also be added over a cake, shortbread, or really anything that can use a little pear pizzaz. Try using one of our sugar cones with the sugar cane to add depth to the flavors! Pair it with a glass of red wine mulled with these seasonally available Wassail Wine Spices for the ultimate night cap. 

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