November 23, 2021 2 min read

We are so excited to officially launch a partnership with Sage & Folly apothecary. This entrepreneurial young woman has perfected recreating 18th century cosmetics from original recipes, only substituting for the sake of safety!

Bug-Be-Gone  Powder - Natural Powder to repel bugs. In the 18th century, pomade and powder were used that had natural repellents in them. By the 19th century,  the use of hair powders declined and the need for something else to repel the bugs became evident. This all-natural 19th-century mix works particularly well against mosquitoes and spiders and anything that bites. Simply rub the powder into the skin and smell good too! $5

Hair Pomatum - In Marechal or Commonwhite, the pomatum is the base for 18th century hairstyling. This is worked into the hair from root to tip, brushed through, and styled. Once the style is complete, set the look into place with one of the three hair powder options! Bonus: the white or Common Pomatum can also be applied to the face for the desired period complexion (and it moisturizes) $8

Healing Pomatum - A cocoa butter based salve for chapped or dry anything. From nose to toes, this pomatum will rescue your skin in a hurry! Unscented and dye free, this is the perfect moisturizer for anyone sensitive to dyes and fragrance. $7.50

Hair Powder - Hair powder is used in conjunction with pomade to help in styling. The Powder works like a dry shampoo and absorbs extra oils from your hair as well as the pomade. It will come out with a good wash. Available in three colors Pink, Brown, and White $8

Lip Salve - Keep your lips looking and feeling their best! Three different period options are available so there is a salve for every soul. The base option is the simple Lip Salve. It is perfect for everyone as it includes none of the color or scent, but all of the moisture and healing. The Peppermint Salve is not tinted but includes peppermint oil that naturally encourages color and plumping in addition to the natural softening properties of the salve. The Tinted Lip Salve has a natural red/pink tint from the alkanet root. On top of having a buildable color and natural moisture, it has a scent that is akin to true cocoa simply by the natural ingredients. $9

Liquid Rouge - Often considered the equivalent of modern-day liquid blush, liquid Stain or rouge was used to tint cheeks and lips. While a strong period color, this particular blend is buildable so you can start small and add more color from there! Make sure to shake before use to mix up all of the pigments. $4

Pie Spices- Add some holiday flair to baking, coffees, or teas with these two distinct spice blends. High quality, delicious spices will make your holiday baking so much easier (and delicious) A little bit goes a very long way. $4

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