November 22, 2021 4 min read

Brand new items are here! You are sure to find something to add to your own Christmas list. 

New Drinkware

Champagne Glass - Original champagne glasses are incredibly similar to this style. The steam and the v-shaped vessel is indicative of the 18th and early 19th century. Open a bottle & enjoy holding a piece of history while you celebrate! $12

Wine Glass - Wine, punch, or cider, these glasses have a stunning period shape that will make your drinks look and feel decadent. $12

Etched Wine glass - The short stem not only makes this glass sit well on the table, it feels sturdy in your hand without seeming heavy. The Americana style etching is cut into each glass and gives them a warm look overall. $7

Long Neck Onion Bottle - Green glass bottles and onion bottles specifically were the preferred method for shipping varieties of wines through trade routes. The green color in the glass reportedly keeps the alcohol from light damage. $30

New Cookware & Eating

Mini Cast Iron Cookpot - At only 4.25 inches tall, this may not be your go-to for meal prep. However, it is just so cute we could not resist! It is made in the exact same manner and material as our larger cook pots, so technically it is fully functional. $18

Agateware Bowls - A little larger than a cereal bowl, each hand-thrown agateware piece is brimming with character. In addition to being dishwasher and microwave safe, the specific unique blend of clays gives each bowl a distinct swirl. $40

Redware Plates - A rare find indeed, these redware dinner plates are well worth the price. Measuring 8 inches on the dining surface and 9.75 inches overall, each one is hand thrown and lovingly crafted in Ohio. Because of the difficulty in firing, plates of this size are rarely found hand thrown in the modern age. That makes these not only beautiful but exceptional. $40

Small Pipkin - This smaller version of our English pipkin is perfect for warming up smaller portions like beverages. Holding 18oz, hot cocoa for two is just right in this little pot. $58

Handled Tea Strainer - When making a nice cup of tea, the last thing you want is big tea bits floating around in your cup. This strainer gets placed or held over the cup and the hot tea poured through it. The handle keeps fingers from getting burned and the little drip bowl keeps messes contained. We suggest trying one of these brews to test it out. $14

Sugar Cones - These 8 oz sugar loaves are made in Mexico using the same processes that have been used for hundreds of years and are likely what we see advertised as "brown sugar" cones in newspapers of the period. If you are testing out traditional teas, or recipes, this is a MUST have. We have found it adds a nice fullness to the flavors of beverages. $9


New Women's Clothing Accessories

Ladies Silk Pockets - Now available in Topaz, Garnet, and Champagne, the new line of silk pockets will have you feeling like a princess. Each one is made in house with fabric picked for the color, texture, and overall feel. $24

Ladies Linen Pockets - Peacock Blue, Forrest Green, and  Natural linen petticoat are all excellent choices for any common impression. Linen is the most period correct choice for the average 18th century person, and this soft and sturdy linen is reliable and pretty! $20

Linen Straight Mitts - For the working woman in the 18th century, these simple linen mitts offer protection for the arms from the sun or fibers like wool or hay. These are intended to be somewhat loose fitting and as you can see in the image, a simple silk ribbon or cotton tape can be added to help hold them up. This will truly add a level of authenticity to the working woman's impression. $32

Wool Petticoats - Every woman needs some sort of wool petticoat in her wardrobe. Whether it be the heavy black wool, or the lightweight camel colored wool, there is definitely a place for a little extra warmth and coziness. $120

Linen Workman's caps

New Household Items

Chimney Top Lantern - This lantern is the tallest of our lantern options with the peak, acting as a chimney to pull the heat away from the candle. This sturdy metal lantern has a pane of glass on each side, including the latching door on the front.  Don't forget to pick up some beeswax candles$58 

Frail - A handwoven grass basket Frail is period correct and very functional! This large basket is perfect for carrying everything you need or for doing some shopping at the market. Along with being great catch-all baskets, these were also used by tradesmen to carry tools from job to job in the period. $60

Housewife - Our foremothers knew what they were doing keeping all of their needful sewing supplies on hand. Each beautiful housewife is made here in-house with sturdy linen bodies, and a combination of linens and printed cottons making up the four pockets. a heavy wool piece is sewn in to keep your pins secure and handy. $45

Linen Haversack - Surprise your soldier with a haversack upgrade! This natural linen is not only period appropriate, it is also soft and durable. Two pewter buttons ensure that nothing important falls out. $38 



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