November 22, 2021 1 min read

1) Silk Stockings - The smooth softness of silk stockings feels like being pampered. Whether you pick clocked with the detailing on the ankle or the standard for a simpler look, she will be thrilled to find stockings in her stocking. $24

2) Housewife - She can keep all of her needful sewing supplies on hand. Each beautiful housewife is made here at Samson Historical. The soft, sturdy linen and stunning printed cottons make a stunning roll. Add a hand forged seam ripper, snips, and thread winders to really wow her. $45

3) Frail - These handy baskets are making a comeback all of the way from the 18th century! Each hand-woven grass basket is sturdy, styling, and period correct for carrying all of the necessary items she needs. $60

4) Tea Set - The elegance of the Pond Fishing Tea Set will have her feeling like the queen of England as teatime rolls around. The handle-less cups are perfect for the 18th century. Add a muscovado sugar cone, and pair it with one of our historical teas to gift her a complete experience. We highly suggest the Colonial Bohea  $120

5) Wool or Leather shoes - Watch her light up when she opens up a new pair of beautiful period shoes. The ruby red Charlottes, or emerald Dido Belles are the perfect leather options for a simple period heel. The classic black Jennys and brilliant blue Mollys are the highest quality wool, and most common to the period. Need help figuring out what she will love? Give us a call! $140

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