November 21, 2019 1 min read

1) 1720's Love Cards- $7 These playing cards are only available at Samson Historical. Each one features a little anecdote or saying about the trials and triumphs of love. They are very PG and come in a handy little card box.

2) Jaw Harp- $8 One of the world's oldest instruments, the jaw harp, is easy to learn and makes a fun "boing" sound when played correctly.

3) Quill and Ink Set- $8 Each genuine goose feather quill comes ready to write. The pouch of ink powder gets mixed with a little bit of water. This set has enough material to write volumes!

4) Leather Tic-Tac-Toe Set- $10 This entirely leather set is perfect for traveling. Large pieces make it easy for all ages to play, and the leather is very durable.

5) Redware Tea Cup- $10 These handmade handleless teacups are perfect holding size. Holding between 7-9 oz, they just begging to be paired with a nice hot cocoa mix.

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