5 Gifts for Him

November 26, 2019

18th century man sits painting miniatures in a frock coat, cravat, and waistcoat

1) Striped Cotton Stockings- $18
Cotton stockings with the ribbed stripe can be found in both portraiture and extant pieces. One size fits most, these come up well above the knee.

2) Mini Combination Tool- $12
This hand-forged tool is a simple three-in-one for the flintlock enthusiast. The small size is perfect for a hunting pouch, flint wallet, or pocket!

3) Shoe Buckles- $35
A thoughtful detail, the shoe buckles can make a world of difference. Most men prefer the James or Forget-Me-Not buckles.

4) Block Printed Cravats- $36
11x72, each one of these hand blocked cravats will add a flair to any gentleman's outfit. Even simple patterns like the Dots and Dashes can change a whole look.

5) A New Shirt- $40 or $75
No matter what the impression, you cannot go wrong with a new, white, 18th-century shirt. With a more economical version in the cotton and the comfort and correctness of the linen blend, there are options to be had.

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