November 26, 2019 1 min read

1) Earrings- $18
Our new selection of handmade earrings are three classic options that she can enjoy in any century. Check out the seed pearls, Swarovski coral, or Czech glass beads! (Be sure to check out the matching necklaces)

2) Clocked Silk Stockings- $24
Silk stockings are elegant and comfortable. With four different colors to choose from, you can match her favorite gown with ease.

3) Chatelaine Pencil- $18
A handcrafted brass chatelaine pencil can be kept on the equipage or in the pocket for quick notes and messages.

4) Scarves- $32 to $35
Whether she prefers the simplicity of a hand-dyed silk scarf or the flair of a block printed pattern, there are options for everyone.

5) Petticoat- $75
Our petticoats are one size fits most, meaning no having to guess sizes. These shot cotton petticoats are pleated on semi-fixed bands, so they lay perfectly all of the time.

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