Top 5 Items for Preparedness

Top 5 Items for Preparedness

With things going crazy in the world today, a bit of extra preparedness cannot be a bad thing. Here are our top 5 items that work for preparedness today just as well as they did in the 18th-century. 

1. Wool Blankets- $60-$95

Depending on fiber content, these 66"x90" blankets are heavy-duty enough for multiple climates. The wool sheds moisture and insulates well in these dense blankets. It does not have to be cold to utilize a quality wool blanket.

2. Pure Beeswax Candles- $2 each or 6 for $10

Pure beeswax candles last for 6-9 hours and have almost no dripping and very little soot. It is always a good idea stock of these on hand for power outages at any time. Being in Indiana, we are used to loosing power because of tornadoes or storms. It can be nice to have a lanternon hand to put these in, especially if you have kids. 

3. Fire Starting Equipment- $20-$35

Sometimes your matches get wet or your Bic needs a backup. Firestarting with a striker and flint is a great skill to have, just ask your local boy scout. If you are the "go bag" type or just want to be prepared for anything, we have several different kits that have a variety of tinder and materials to make fire-starting as simple as possible. 

4. Cast Iron Cookpots- $65-$125

Cast iron is incredibly versatile. Pans can be used in an oven or stovetop. These can be used over a campfire, with a brazier, on a grill, etc. The most important part is the cleaning. Cast iron pots like this can be cleaned by wiping them out, using minimal water and no soap, making them an efficient choice in an emergency.

5. Sewing Kit- $12

This is the reenactor version of an emergency sewing kit. It includes items like heavy-duty straight pins, patches, waxed linen thread, cotton thread, multiple needles and much more. An amplified sewing kit like this can really come in handy when the emergency is not simply a matter of fashion. Already have a sewing kit? Consider adding a spool of waxed linen thread to your set. While a little more expensive, it is heavy duty and can sew a repair in anything from buttons to tarps and a spool will go quite a long way.