November 20, 2021 1 min read

1) Brass Tinder Box - A pocket perfect brass box is just the thing to keep any small items from getting lost. We suggest using it for tinder or pipe tobacco! Made in Ohio, these are the highest quality and safe. Also check out the Brass Tobacco Box and the Hudson Bay Box for excellent brass by the same maker. $26

2) Black Glazed Redware Mug - Made in Ohio, each hand-thrown piece is as sturdy as it is beautiful. The classic black glaze over the red clay gives stately and precise profile whether it is the small, or the large.    $22 and $30

3) Goat Skin Wallet - Made right here in our shop, the supple goat skin wallet is striking with the double pockets and bright red hue. Red was a popular choice in the period, and it is easy to see why. We also have standard cow leather colonial wallets available in black, brow, and red. $35

4) Revolutionary Era Swords - Quickly becoming our most popular men's accessory, these quality swords are great accent pieces for reenactors, and just darn cool  overall. There are four styles to choose from. The Officer's Hanger with the slim and traditional handle, Rev War Saber with a gorgeous basket hilt, Infantry Sword with the slight curve to the blade, and the Thrust and Cut that was the versatile grip on the hilt. Ranging $125-$150

5) Greatcoat - Available in two different colors of medium weight wool, this coat is a great gift for any man. The loose fit makes it easy to size and the dark grey and navy blue options are striking yet versatile.  $270

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