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    November 17, 2022 2 min read

    Top 5 Gifts for Him

    1) Coffee or Tea - Sip like a founding father this season. Check out our selections of historic teas and coffees for the perfect fit! We highly suggest the Bohea (which was one type tossed in Boston Harbor) or the West Indies Citrus for a full flavored option. Pick up a Sugar Loaf and handled strainer for a complete gift set. $15

    2) Deluxe Fire Starting Kit - This kit is a Samson Historical original! We make all of these in house with strikers made in Ohio. The leather pouch keeps all of your materials dry and the tin contains multiple types of tinder like tow and charcloth, as well as a burning glass, flint, and a striker!   $38

    3) Pocket Clock - Available in silver or gold, this is one of the best 18th century style pocket watches or pocket clocks on the market. With a simple watch battery to power it, the simple face and elegant hands create a timeless look that spans centuries. $50

    4) Marble Chess Set - Each marble chess piece is beautifully hand carved and pared with a matching marble board. This regulation size chess set comes in 4 striking natural marble color combinations. A traditional Black & White is always a safe choice, while the Brown & Tan set captures rich earth tones. The Brown & White set is eye-catching with the bright white and rich brown pairing. A Black & Tan set goes well in any study with the classic black combined with the softer tan colors.  $185

    5) Gentleman's Wool Cloak - Get him an item he can wear without worrying about picking a size! Made from dense black wool, the Gentlemen's Cloak is crafted with warmth and comfort in mind. This cloak buttons at the neck with a small collar. The total length drapes to around mid-calf length, with a smaller cape that drops just above the elbow.  $245

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