Gifts for Every Budget

November 22, 2021 3 min read

Gifts for Every Budget

As we approach the season of joy and giving, most of us have put a lot of thought into what we will be placing under the tree. Whether you are looking for something small and sentimental, or a grand gift that will blow them away, we have something that will make your holiday gift exchange a little brighter. To make your searching easier, we compiled a list of our favorite gifts in each price range. 

Gifts Under $25:

  1. A pair of Wine Glasses - Elegant and functional, these are perfect to pair with a bottle of wine as a gift for the holidays, or even a hostess gift $12 ea. 
  2. Redware Mug - Coffee, tea, hot cocoa, no matter their preference a handmade mug is a safe and practical choice they will love. Pair it with one of our coffees or teas for a full gift set. $22
  3. Early American Wisdom - Full of anecdotes and quotes from our founders, this handy reader can be paired with our most popular book The U.S. Constitution: Explained Clause by Clause and still be under budget! $12.50

Gifts Under $50:

  1. Ships Lantern - A punched tin lantern is just what everyone's traditional decor needs. The warm light through the punched design casts a warm glow at home or out caroling! Don't forget the Beeswax Candles. $40
  2. Travel Writing Set - Is your special someone a writer? They will appreciate the ritual of using a pen set like this while writing their great American novel. Check out our bottled India Inkor powdered ink to complete the set.  $36
  3. 4 Player Shut the Box - This is the ultimate gift whether you need something for one person or a whole family. Hours of fun will be had playing this classic numbers game, regardless of age.  $40

Gifts Under $100:

  1. Frail - This basket definitely falls under the "wow" category. Each one of these is hand woven and perfect for the 18th century or the local farmer's market. This item is brand new and sure to go fast!  $60
  2. Linen Petticoats - Looking to get her clothes but not sure about size? All of our petticoats are one size fits all whether they are wool, silk, cotton, or linen. $95
  3. Wool Waistcoat - 'Tis the season for wool. Whether they play in the 1760s or 1770s, we have a waistcoat option for them. These are by far our most popular men's item and they are sure to impress. Need something for warmer weather? Linenoptions are available as well. $72
  4. Salt Glazed Mug - Like all of our salt glazed stoneware, this is as close to a period piece as you will ever see. Everything from the material, to the process, and ultimately the design is historic. Each one is fired in a wood kiln, giving it a unique color.  Available in very limited quantities. $62
  5. Virgin Wool Blankets - At home or camp, a good wool blanket is a must. They hold in the warmth while shedding any moisture, making them the ultimate survival option. We have a variety of options in brown, grey, and blue available. $95

Gifts Over $100:

  1. Frock Coat - Easily our most popular civilian coat, this style is perfect for any civilian impression. Available in grey or green, it is sure to bring a smile when he opens the box, and every time he wears it. $295
  2. 18th Century Stays - With front lacingand back lacing options available, there is an option for every woman to get that period correct silhouette. A necessary item that is a gift she will remember. Add a silk pocket for a bright pop of color!  $195
  3. 8qt Cast Iron Cook Pots - Why is it that everything tastes better in a cast iron? This pot is big enough to feed the whole family. Don't need quite that much room? We have a 5qt and a 2qt option available. Don't get us started on the mini pots! Jury is still out on what to use them for but by golly they are cute. $125
  4. Officer's Hanger - No matter how old you are, there is something very cool about a sword. The Rev War Saber and Thrust & Cut style blades are both excellent options and you can pick the style that best fits him! We promise this gift does not disappoint. $150
  5. Shoes - We have shoes for everyone in the family. Whether he needs a new pair of buckle shoes or wants to upgrade to riding boots, we have you covered! Does she need a new pair of wool shoes? Or maybe some red leather shoes to match that new petticoat. Have the kids outgrown their period footwear again? No matter the need we have options that will surely wow any recipient (or treat yourself this holiday). $85-$285

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