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    November 16, 2022 3 min read

    Gifts For Every Budget

    The spirit of Christmas is filling the air while shopping lists are being prepared! We understand that this year, giving may look a little different for everyone as budgets may be a bit tighter. To help you circumnavigate the stress of the season, we have organized a list of gifts for every budget. If you find these gifts appealing, remember that you can take anywhere from 10% - 25% off of these prices by shopping during our Cyber Monday Sale!


    Gifts Under $10:

    1. The US Constitution - One of our most popular books, this copy gives a non-bias break down the language of the Constitution for any audience. Oddly enough, a copy of Common Sense only costs half as much. $9.95

    2. Redware Cookie Presses- Five different designs to choose from means you can separate these among the stockings or give them as a set! Perfect for holiday baking. $5

    2. 1720's Love Cards - These PG level cards use classical prose and poems to talk about the trials of the heart. Try our English Playing Cards for a post dinner game Whist. Though you'll need some game counters for that. $8

    3. Brass Nib Writing Quill - Easily one of our most popular writing items, paired with either powdered ink or bottled India ink, this duo is great for all ages. $5 pen only OR $10 both

    4. Wassail Spices - For the wine or cider aficionado on your list, traditional wassail spices are a historic and fun gift or stocking stuffer. $9


    Gifts Under $25:

    1. Stirring the Pot with Benjamin Franklin -  Rae Katherine Eighmey presents Franklin's delight and experimentation with food throughout his life. The combination of recipes and a historic memoir make this cookbook a page turner! $17.99

    2. Fire Starting Kit - For the outdoorsman on you list, this is backpacking or trekking kit they need. With all of the makings to start a fire contained in a lidded tin.  $24

    3.  Shut the Box - Suitable for all ages, this is a gift for the whole family! The smaller 9 pin version is great for including younger players. Make sure to check out the 4 player and 12 pin options for even more of a challenge. $24

    4. Gentlemen's Bone Pocket Knife - The hand hewn bone handled knife fits well in a stocking hanging by a fire. Though if you want something with a darker patina, try the horn handled knife, or a lovely woodoption. $22

    5. Seed Pearl Earrings - Pearls are timeless, it is a fact. These seed pearl earrings transcend eras on a budget, making them ideal for any woman on your list. Also see our coral glass and emerald green glass drop earrings. $22


    Gifts Under $50:

    1. Black Glazed Mug - These beautiful black-glazed pieces are excellent for a cup of tea or coffee at home or a reenactment. Handmade in Ohio, each piece has its own character. These are available in Small or Large sizes. $30 and $34

    2. The Captain's Mistress - A game akin to Connect Four, the sound and feel of the wooden marbles dropping after a victory will fill the room. An easy game for all ages, this is ideal for family giving. $32

    3. Keats book of Poetry - In this brief life, acclaimed biographer Lucasta Miller takes nine of Keats's best-known poems—"Endymion"; "On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer"; "Ode to a Nightingale"; "To Autumn"; "Bright Star" among them—and excavates how they came to be and what in Keats's life led to their creation. The reader on your list won't be able to put it down. $32.50

    4. Liberty Wallet - Made right here at Samson Historical, the design on this wallet was taken directly from an original. Each leather wallet takes on a unique character. $48

    5. Colonial Coffee Trio - Three historic coffee blends, already packaged in one gift box! The Colonial Blend, Green Dragon Blend, and Chicory Blend all come together in one beautiful package. This is perfect for your favorite coffee drinker or Secret Santa gift. $48


    Gifts Under $100:

    1. Pitcher & Gill Set - Pour a round of drinks from the handmade 30 oz redware pitcher into the four gill cups. The small cups are perfect for sharing a nightcap with friends. Available in Red or Black $85

    2. 100% Wool Blanket - The weather out side is frightful, but a wool blanket is so delightful! Keep away the chill with a 100% wool blanket, available in three colors.  $100

    3. Set of Wine Glasses - Available in a set of 6 or individually, the elegance and simplicity of this stemware compliments any setting. Ready to celebrate a new year? Try the champagne flutes! $70 set of 6



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