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    November 17, 2022 2 min read

    7 Timeless Gifts for Kids

    We know picking out gifts for kids can get tricky when spanning the centuries. The moms and dads here at Samson Historical put together a list of some of our kiddos favorite items!

    1) Tic-Tac-Toe - This leather set is made right here in our shop! the leather board and pieces fold into the small carrying back, which is super convenient for entertaining kids of all ages on the go! This is our go-to stocking suffer suggestion for kids from one to ninety-two. $10

    2) Books - Our family loves to give and receive books over the holidays. The day after Christmas is spent on the couch with leftovers and a new book. Give me Liberty is a beautiful book for elementary age kids that includes many original paintings.  1789 is a young adult book written by 12 different authors exploring well known, and less known players in the year 1789. Ranging $22.99 - $24.95

    3) Shut The Box - Your family won't even realize they are practicing quick math with this classic game! Roll the dice and shut the pins, try to get them all down! It is that simple and whether you pick the standard, 4 player (in regular or travel size), or 12 pin (the most challenging) it is guaranteed to be fun. Starting at $20

    4) Captain's Mistress - While the name may not show it, this game is fun for all ages. Played exactly like a modern connect four, the laughter can be heard for miles when the winner gets to pull the bottom bar and release all of the wooden marbles. $30

    5) Wooden Drum -We know how it sounds, but this wooden drum with the animal skin top is incredibly durable and not near as loud as the modern counterparts. We gave this to some of the small kids and it has lasted years! $45

    6) Miniature Tea Set - There is nothing as classic as little kids sitting down to a tea party armed with imagination. These porcelain transfer-ware sets look dainty in blue or red, but they are very tough, in addition to being the perfect size for small hands. $55

    7) Children's Buckle Shoes - We know that the hardest part about dressing a kid in camp is the shoes. Our buyback program makes keeping up with those growing feet easy. Available in red or black, these are not only adorable, but incredibly tough and functional. (Did we mention they come with the buckles) Kid tested, parent approved. $85

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