Lake Short Gown

Short gowns are incredibly versatile in sizing because they are pinned closed. This one comes with 5 straight pins to get you started. As you can see, you can add a little flare to the sleeve with a quick roll or leave them down. These are all made out of breathable shot cotton, with a slightly (or sometimes strikingly) different warp and weft. This gives the colors a lot of dimension and changes the hue based on what they are paired with!

The lake color combines different shades of very light blue to give this light and almost neutral color that is great is any combination. 



Small: Bust 32-24", Waist 24-26", Hip 34-36"
Medium: Bust 36-38", Waist 27-29", Hip 38-40"
Large: Bust 40-42", Waist 32-34", Hip 42-44"
Extra Large: Bust 44-46", Waist 40-44", Hip 47-49"