Great Breeches

Nov 14, 2017

These breeches fit incredibly. The brown goes perfectly with my civilian outfit. Wonderful owners Casey & Abbie were very helpful and made sure I was happy with my selection. Highly recommend!

Allen B.


Feb 02, 2018

I bought these breeches to go with the 1770's Wool Civilian coat. Perfect combination. Could not be more pleased with the workmanship and value. I would stack these up against my custom made breeches but these are a fraction of the cost. WOW!

Michael C.


Nov 01, 2017

I look forward to filling my bombard pitcher with a imperial stout then pouring into my blackjack in my Tasmanian winter snug. Perfect bombard pitcher, perfect blackjack, perfect stout,
Samson Perfection 

Ken R.

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