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    The Royal Game of the Goose

    The Royal Game of the Goose, sometimes known as the Game of Goose, is the earliest commercially produced board game, with evidence supporting its origin in Italy as early as the end of the 15th Century. Over hundreds of years, it has appeared in many variations of rules and illustrative designs. Many of the boards reflect politics or social situations of the time and some are incredibly beautiful and creative. Game boards or sheets such as this one that we have reproduced were printed commercially by many printers all over Europe and the American Colonies. 

    The Royal Game of the Goose is a simple race game - the first person to reach space 63 wins. To win, a piece must land exactly on space 63. If a player throws too many, the piece counts the extra points backward from the winning space.


    Printed Game Sheet
    2 Wooden Dice
    2 Black Markers
    2 White Markers
    48 Red Counters 
    Rules printed on the bottom of the sheet