About Us

The Samson family has been producing quality leather drinking vessels, and various leather items for over 30 years. Originally doing business as "The Gentle Craftsman", in 2011 they changed   their name to "Samson Family Cordwaining". The Gentle Craftsman was established by Jack Samson, of Indianapolis, Indiana in 1982. Sometime in the mid to late 90's Bob Samson, son of Jack, took over the family business just as traditional cordwainers would have done. Following that tradition, Bob handed over the business to his oldest son, Casey in 2010.

Since day one, the Samson's have striven to create quality goods, while upholding the history and traditions of early leatherworkers. ​This business can usually be found doing historical reenactments during the months of May-October. In the winter time, they attend many Christmas Shows and Holiday Bazaars. Their products have been used in movies, plays, musicals, displayed in museums, shown in art galleries, and used at numerous reenactments across the United States. ​​It truly is a family business as only family members or very close family friends have the knowledge to produce the quality of craft that had been made for three decades. Each piece is handcrafted, no machine work, hand stitched and formed. Every one starts as piece of double shoulder vegetable tan cowhide, and finishes as a working, usefully drinking vessel.

​​They hope you enjoy your tankard as much as they enjoyed recreating this historical and dying craft. Samson Family Cordwaining encourages you to research more on this craft. With cups being easier to find, and with the quantity of mass produced drinking vessels increases, Cordwainers will soon be an occupation of the past. Use the tankard long and well. All it requires is an occasional rinse with soapy, and then clear water. And, sometimes when you do your shoes, take the same brush to the mug and polish it as well.

​Here’s to your very good health!

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