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  • 5 Gifts for Him

    by Hannah Reece November 20, 2023 2 min read

    5 Gifts for Him

    1. Liberty Wallet - Life, liberty, and the pursuit of the perfect gift! Luckily we have two different styles of this reproduction leather wallet. The natural leather gains a beautiful patina with use. Trust us, he will be pulling it out of his pocket just to show it off. This is also available in a second style here$55 before sale

    2. A New Pocket Knife - Modern outdoorsmen and historic tradesmen alike will always have a need for a good pocket knife! Crafted in true 18th Century fashion, our knives come with bone or wood handles. He will love the character and practicality of this gift! $12 - $22 before sale

    3. Gentleman's Cloak - One size fits all making this an easy buy gift for any man. The heavy wool broadcloth drapes handsomely over the shoulders to ward off the rain and cold. A pair of long fingerless gloves and some wool stockings escalate the layers of comfort.  Cloak before sale - $275.

    4. The Modern Musketeer - This historically bound 33 page booklet is a work of art. A modernly written piece for the historical reenactor, each hand drawn sketch and carefully written instruction printed on the linen-cotton paper, reads as a guide for period accuracy. Every soldier should have this pamphlet on hand. These are very limited stock so get them before they are gone! $32 before sale

    5. Dog Striker - The first step to keep chestnuts roasting over the holiday season is to have an open fire, of course! Gift him this hand cast brass and steel striker to make fire starting a breeze at camp or at home. It fits beautifully in a brass Hudson Bay style box. Pair it with some charcloth or tow and you have a set he wont soon forget.  striker $75 before sale


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