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  • A Dialogue Between A Married Lady and A Maid

    Presented in a series of three dialogues, "A Dialogue Between A Married Lady And A Maid" is an amatory classic from 1740. 

    Innocent Octavia is about to marry her beloved. It is up to Tullia, an older, married woman, to explain the mysteries of marriage. Books of this graphic nature were prevalent throughout society, if not publicly discussed. The adult themes and language prevalent in the text are surprising to many modern readers and should only be consumed by legal adults. 

    When looking at texts like this there is important information that can be gained. In between the lines, there are implications of the societal views on morality, beauty, education of the sexes, and gender roles. What you find may surprise you.  

    For the full effect, try the made in-house reproduction pamphlet-style printing. This can be passed around camps or put into period kits with accuracy. If you are enjoying this in the privacy of your home, we do offer a modernly bound copy. Both styles are reproduced by Samson Historical.