A Dialogue Between A Married Lady and A Maid

Presented in a series of three dialogues, "A Dialogue Between A Married Lady And A Maid" is an amatory classic from 1740. Innocent Octavia is about to marry her beloved. It is up to Tullia, an older, married woman, to explain the mysteries of marriage. Although this book discusses marital relations, the way in which the matters are discussed makes it more likely than not that this book most likely served as a marriage guide for nervous newlyweds who otherwise would not have understood how to interact on their wedding night. It also serves as an early form of proto-feminist literature, with its emphasis on making the marital act appealing to the bride, and taking care that her husband pleased her and didn't do anything to make her uncomfortable or regretful of having entered into the married state. Perhaps unique for a book of its kind, the author also makes it clear that an ideal wife is a well-read wife, and that a keen mind is just as desirable to her husband as her physical attributes.