12 Pin Shut The Box

With 12 tiles, this is the most challenging version of shut-the-box we offer. At 13 1/2 x 9, this is a great table top version!

The game Shut the Box is said to have been invented in the 12th Century France. Legend has it that Shut the Box was a cherished game among sailors and fishermen off the coast of Normandy some 200 years ago. Another account states that Shut the Box was played by 19th Century fur trappers of the Hudson Bay Company. Today, Shut the Box is still played for stakes and is a favorite pub game in England.

The game has several names including Canoga, Tric-Trac, and Batten Down the Hatches. The rules and equipment vary from one locale to the next, but Shut the Box will hone your basic math skills while keeping you entertained for hours.

Click here to download instructions and a scoresheet.