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  • Clementinas | Yellow Woolen Shoes

    The newest addition to our women's shoe line! The Clementinas are a comfortable and durable mustard yellow wool that compliments any color and outfit. 

    Clementina Rind was a female printer in Williamsburg, VA. After the death of her husband, William, in 1773, Clementina continued to print the Virginia Gazette under her own name. In 1774 she petitioned the House of Burgesses to renew a contract that had been granted under her husband William. She won the contract and became the official printer for the Commonwealth of Virginia in her own right. 

    Sturdy wool shoes like these are a comfortable choice for any working-class impression. Each one is carefully crafted by hand out of durable sheep's wool fabric with a hard leather sole for the utmost durability. Woolen women's shoes were very common in the 18th century as they would have been less expensive than leather. While the perfect working shoe, these add a touch of elegance, especially when paired with one of our many buckle options.