Original Gun Flints

For use with all period flintlock muskets; these are a mix of British flints that were made (knapped) to the regulation pattern at Brandon in the County of Suffolk in England at the close of the 18th century and are typically grey in color. The Amber flints were knapped in France at around the same time.

Now 200 years later a cache of original knapped military musket flints found in Nepal and never used by the British East India Company has been discovered and is available for the collector's market. Complete your original flintlock musket with an original 18th century knapped flint.

Traditionally held in the flintlock cock jaws, cushioned by a small piece of cloth, leather or even by a small lead sheet, a flint was usually good for between twenty and thirty firings before deteriorating or splitting. Each soldier, therefore, was expected to carry many spare flints as well as powder and ball.

Color and sizes will vary.

Price is for a single flint. 

*** If you require a specific style or size please note that on your order ***