Pinball Kit

Here is a complete kit to make yourself a sweet and practical little accessory for your historical outfit or sewing box! These small hanging pincushions are shown in many period depictions and etchings. They are usually worn by looping the string around the ties of a petticoat or apron, and are incredibly useful for keeping your pins organized and close at hand. 

These small, spherical pincushions are constructed from linen or wool, and are stuffed with tiny scraps. This historically accurate construction method truly utilizes every last bit of fabric! The finished measurements are about 2.5”-3”, and they can be finished with a 1/2” silk ribbon band.

The kit comes in several variations, and all include the following: 
Wool fabric for the outer pieces
Circle template 
Fully illustrated instructions
Traceable embroidery motifs and transfer paper
Several colors of crewel embroidery thread
Embroidery needle
Length of silk ribbon
Fabric scrap stuffing