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    by Casey Samson January 03, 2024 3 min read 5 Comments


    As we bid adieu to the final pages of 2023, we find ourselves reminiscing about the remarkable moments, challenges conquered, and historical tales woven into our lives. Each chapter has been filled with the passion and dedication of history enthusiasts like you, shaping the narrative of the year gone by.

    Now, on the cusp of 2024, we stand at the threshold of a new epoch, ready to inscribe fresh stories onto the tapestry of time. It’s a time to cherish the lessons learned, embrace the opportunities ahead, and continue our commitment to resurrecting the past’s elegance and authenticity.

    As the clock strikes midnight, welcoming the dawn of a new year, let us raise our glasses to the shared love for history, to the pursuit of knowledge, and to the cherished community that makes every historical journey worthwhile. Here’s to a year brimming with discoveries, new adventures, and the enduring fascination for the allure of centuries past. Wishing you a splendid conclusion to 2023 and a prosperous and joyous start to 2024!


    We’re thrilled to announce the grand opening of our new storefront on March 1st! Embrace history in a whole new way as we unveil a captivating space dedicated to your historical passions. Join us for an immersive experience where authenticity meets elegance. Discover a haven where 18th-century charm and Regency allure come to life. Mark your calendars and be part of this exciting chapter in our historical journey!



    Have you checked out our latest blog? Learn about three traditions of ringing in the new year practiced in the 18th century and how we can apply them today.



    To our incredible head seamstress, your skill and passion breathe life into history with every stitch. Wishing you a fantastic year ahead filled with joy and inspiration!



    Have you ever wondered how we capture our seemingly authentic photos? Behind the scenes, our team is meticulously preparing to showcase our latest historically inspired treasures and expertly crafted pieces. We’re gearing up for an exciting photoshoot to unveil our latest array of products. Stay tuned as we capture the essence of history in stunning visuals, showcasing our new additions and timeless treasures. Keep an eye out on social media for sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes moments as we bring history to life through our new photos and products.



    On January 7th, 1785, Jean-Pierre Blanchard and John Jeffries completed the first successful air crossing of the English Channel by balloon. Departing from Dover, England, they ascended in a hydrogen balloon and made the approximately 21-mile journey, landing near Calais, France, after about 2.5 hours. This historic flight marked a significant achievement in aviation history, demonstrating the possibility of long-distance air travel and contributing to the advancement of aeronautics.



    The January 7th, 1789, election in the United States stands as a monumental moment in the country’s history. The states ratified the Constitution, and the electoral process commenced. George Washington, unanimously regarded as a unifying figure and war hero from the Revolutionary War, emerged as the primary candidate for the nation’s first presidency. The election served as a pivotal demonstration of the new democratic system, showcasing the willingness of citizens to participate in the formation of a government that would embody their aspirations and ideals.

    Washington’s election victory was more than just a triumph for an individual; it symbolized the establishment of a federal government and the dawn of a new era for the United States. His presidency not only laid the groundwork for the executive branch but also set essential precedents and established the framework for a stable and functioning government. The subsequent inauguration on April 30, 1789, further solidified the country’s democratic traditions and provided a clear vision for the nation’s future.

    The significance of Washington’s election and subsequent inauguration extended beyond a mere political transition; it was a defining moment that shaped the course of American history. His leadership during this critical juncture established the foundations upon which the nation would grow, evolve, and forge its identity as a democratic republic.




    Linton Trade Fair

    Jan 27 -28

    Kalamazoo Living History Show

    Mar 16 - 17

    Fort Frederick Market Fair

    Apr 25 - 28

    Mount Vernon Rev War Days

    May 4 - 5

    Old Fort Niagara

    July 27 - 28

    NWTA Grand Encampment

    Aug 24 - 25

    Fair At New Boston

    Aug 31 - Sep 1

    Mount Vernon Market & Fair

    Sep 14 - 15

    Colonial Market Days

    Sep 21 - 22

    Feast of the Hunters' Moon

    Oct 5 - 6

    Mississinewa 1812

    Oct 11 - 13


    5 Responses


    January 15, 2024

    Oops, I meant, “Looking forward to future Red-Lion News-Letters and the grand opening of your new storefront!”


    January 15, 2024

    Looking forward to future Red-Lion News-Letter and the grand opening of your new shorefront!

    Barbara T. Huffman
    Barbara T. Huffman

    January 08, 2024

    Dear Friends at Samson Historical,

    I love your business. Have purchased from you quite a few times and have had a great experience each and every time! I continually tell my living history friends about you guys as I want you to get all the orders you need to stay active for the long haul. Thank you for the lovely18th century newsletter and for keeping us inspired with your amazing collection of 18th century goods. Keep up all the good work!

    Barbara Huffman, Living Historian and Customer


    January 08, 2024

    I appreciate your work and commitment to excellence! As a graphic designer of over 20 years, I really enjoyed this old newspaper-styled newsletter. It feels like something that would have been off of one of Franklin’s presses. Kudos to your graphic designers and marketing team! Looking forward to an exceptional 2024

    Eric Armstrong
    Eric Armstrong

    January 08, 2024

    What a creative business strategy. I have really enjoyed your publications, modeling and photography of products – very unique. Best wishes for continued success.

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